Tuesday, July 27, 2021


 I love dashboards.  Especially for tools I use often.  Here is Google's main dashboard:

Google Dashboard

Here is the main Samsung Knox Dashboard:

Samsung Dashboard

Check your Microsoft Service Status:


Who are your favorites?  Let me know and I'll post them.


Monday, May 4, 2020

Tee Shirt Prototype #2....

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Kuffy Corp T-Shirt Prototype #1

Kuffy Corp T-Shirts are here!  Interested in your feedback on prototype #1.  Comments section please! - Fin

Thursday, April 30, 2020

OTG Checker

I get tons of people asking me about OTG.  It stands for USB On The Go.  Probably one of the most important features of an Android Tablet (besides the security and customization).    It was developed in 2001 to facilitate communication between devices via USB (both peripherals and other devices) and push power and data over the same wire (simple as I can make it).  Android developers frequently refer to it as USB Host mode:


I'll post a few more links if anyone is interested.  There are different versions of OTG, not just one.  Each manufacturer handles the spec very differently.  It is absolutely necessary to understand this if you are creating a custom solution for deployment in a vertical use-case or in a heavily regulated industry.

For information on how devices handle OTG, use this app on the device.  There are others however I've used this with some success:


One key thing with OTG is to test, test, test.  Getting it right is an iterative process.  Can't be done overnight and it is tricky as it is where hardware and software from multiple vendors usually meet up.  But when it works, it is really cool. -Fin

IoT Sleuthing App

Full disclosure, I'm a cyber security nut.  Love the topic and I mess with cyber security like an 18 year old plays Fortnight.

I'll keep my posts short and sweet.  One of my favorite apps is this (for Android): 


It scans for IoT sensors and BLE beacons.  Fire it up on your phone or tablet and walk into a conference room in your office (or at Starbucks).  Tells you tons about who is watching, listening, scanning and checking you out. -Fin

Friday, March 2, 2018

This is a cool holding space for new stuff.  I have multiple blogs but this one is all about mobile stuff.